The Career of Helane Morrison Provides Female Executive Leader Blueprint

I have seen a lot of different women rise to the occasion and become a leader in corporate America. Some women even inspire others. I have seen some like Oprah Winfrey in entertainment that has built her Harpo Productions Company from the ground up. There are others like Andrea Jung in cosmetics that has stepped into a CEO position for a company that are already existed. These are woman of different races that have become household names. On the small spectrum there are still some other women that may not have become part of the spotlight, but they are just as important to the advancement of females in corporate America. I think that one such female is Helane Morrison. 

Helane has chosen a road that is not familiar to a lot of females, but she has managed to thrive in this career all the same. She has made a name for herself as a compliance officer, and I am certain that this is a field that is new to many females. WSJ notes that Helane was one of the most productive, industry-changing executives to ever join the San Francisco SEC. What Morrison has done is make her way to the top in corporate America by following a path that she created. She saw the road that would lead to her success in this area early, and she continued to follow what she was passionate about. 

I find it intriguing to know that Helane Morrison was fighting litigation and looking at corruption long before she became part of the Hall Capital team. She has become someone that was able to move into this corporate role so easily because Morrison built a history of doing this type of work. 

It is easy for me to see how she would go on to crack the glass ceiling in the industry for female executives with her hard work ethic. Morrison prepared herself for the job that she wanted to acquire. She would spend a lot of her time building a resume that was filled with experience in conducting investigations. She would become an authority on this type of work, and that made it difficult to deny her. That is something that all women – myself included – can learn from. Corporate America may be dominated by men, but you cannot continually be denied if you put in the time. When you work hard and make yourself stand out as an authoritative figure it will be impossible for others not to notice.

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