How White Shark Media Has Promised to Change

White Shark Media has listened to your complaints, and it has heard them all. It knows life can be tough in the digital marketing world and sometimes mistakes are made.


White Shark Media is a caring company. It listens to all those mistakes and seeks to correct them. Make no mistake for the company has received a lot of compliments for its great offerings. It has tonnes of satisfied customers whose businesses have turned around.


White Shark Media would like all stakeholders to know that it has heard your complaints and will correct all of the mistakes it has been accused of committing.


It is the right of every client to know their AdWords campaigns. You will be kept in the loop every step of the way, and we will seek to make sure your campaign is successful.


For clients whose majority of customers come through phone calls, Marchex provides call tracking in partnership with WSM.It is an arrangement that will see you know exactly where you customers are calling from and their demographic.


For clients who complained they didn’t know how to track their AdWords performance, WSM will install call tracking, conversion tracking and Google Analytics for free.


WSM will no longer create accounts in their names and will use your name to create an account. If your current account is performing well, then there is no need to change that.


Your contact person will be in tune with your needs and we vet to ensure they are good at what they do. It’s the WSM guarantee to give you a friendly customer care executive. The agent will have an experienced supervisor who will track your ads performance and make necessary adjustments where need be.


Sometimes WSM has had cases where they changed the Ad campaign, but it didn’t change the results. They understand that can be frustrating. A few instances of a formerly well-performing campaign deteriorating after a small change have also been reported. It is the new policy of WSM only to keep well-performing ad campaigns and make necessary changes going forward. It will eliminate many customer complaints we have experienced.


WSM being an online marketing platform understands that the most important thing is communication. It has thus with regret taken the news that some customers find it is difficult to communicate with the offices. It is a regrettable occurrence which won’t occur again.


White Shark Media has taken a two-pronged attack to deal with this problem. Each client will get a conference call with GoToMeeting.It will mostly to review the past 30 days. You can also request a meeting should you find a need to. You will also get a direct phone extension to our contact person.

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