The Collector’s Vital Role

Art collectors are not simply connoisseurs of art, and in some cases, some may not be interested in art at all beyond a profit motive. This may seem petty to outsiders and those that have not been tempered by the reality of being an artist or in the business of art, but it is a beneficial relationship. Even further, without all forms of collectors, the art business would not be a business at all. It would be a personal endeavor that would bring few artists the ability to profit from their talent and skill. Collectors also play the role of valuing art. Anything is worth what someone will pay for it, but because these people are basically professional art assayers also, they provide an accurate picture of what that rate will actually be. It is much like the stock market, many other factors beyond being a stable profitable business goes into valuating a company’s stock or true worth.

Whether this is fair or not is to be debated, but just like stocks, eventually a real value will be assessed that is really near the actual value. In art, like stocks, a soft market means that most stocks will have a naturally lower price. These are called bear markets, and if you simply own stocks, these markets are a problem. However, astute investors see this as a prime time to acquire stocks at a low rate from strong company’s whose values are only lower because of the state of the markets in general and not from any systemic issues. These are great times to purchase not only because the prices are low, but because when the markets rise again, these strong companies will recover greatly and bring the smart investors the types of returns that make them titans of the industry. Additionally, it makes the companies that provided these returns legends also.

Noted investor Adam Sender utilized this dynamic in his art collecting. By doing this, he has become one of the most famed art collectors in many generations. His contribution has vaulted contemporary art into a position that it has never maintained on its own even in its mid-century heyday. Before an exceedingly genius collector like Sender was able to exploit the soft market in which contemporary art languished for almost three decades now. The soft market was due in large part to the frivolity of the abstract genre. Abstract art was bubble that when the burst, it lowered the value of the entire art market in general and not just the abstract art as a genre. Art being sold for outrageous prices due to hype versus the talent involved or the artistic integrity of the artists will always be a dangerous, easily exploitable bubble that damages art markets severely.

Doe Deere Fights Against The Color Haters

Color haters are those who believe the cosmetics industry should remain as sublime and demure as possible. The smoky eye has become a staple of the modeling world, and designers everywhere prefer the smoky eye for their haute couture. The reality of the cosmetics industry is changing with help from Doe Deere and her Lime Crime team. Lime Crime creates the brightest colors in the industry, and the company is at the forefront of the responsibility movement in cosmetics. This article explains how Doe Deere has helped push makeup forward into the 21st Century.

#1: Doe Has Many Color Haters

Color haters have come out of the woodwork ever since Doe capitalized her business. She began with a modest eBay store that became very popular, and people who do not believe in her vision have peppered her with accusations from false advertising to false production. Doe is capable of making all her cosmetics with her own two hands, and her company keeps production secret to prevent corporate espionage. The color haters will always be there, and Doe does not seem to care what they think.

#2: Doe Believes In Mentoring

Doe Deere believes in mentoring women who want to make changes in their lives. Doe was a lady who loved bright makeup, but she is a lauded technology CEO today. Her transformation from ordinary woman into a noted CEO in the cosmetics world is due in large part to mentoring. Doe had mentors who put a good bit of time and effort into her, and she wants to help girls who want to open their own businesses. Doe believes in female empowerment even more than she believes in bright cosmetics.

#3: How Bright Is Lime Crime?

Lime Crime is a very bright cosmetics like that focuses on colors other companies do not offer. Lime Crime is a progressive company that prefers to create colors ladies can match. A woman who is wearing a bright eye shadow can find a bright lipstick to match, and a woman who wants to use nothing but bright colors will find her new home at Lime Crime.

#4: Lime Crime Is Responsible

The Lime Crime corporate philosophy is all about being responsible. Doe’s business produces many vegan products, and more vegan products are to come in the future. Women who have chosen the vegan lifestyle can easily wear products that were made without causing harm to animals, and these women can wear bright colors that are totally unique to Lime Crime. This combination of responsibility and color is what makes Lime Crime so special.

Doe Deere has created a cosmetics empire that has changed the lives of women around the world. Selling bright colors has helped Doe make a name for herself, but she uses that name to serve others. Vegans who are in need of vegan products can shop confidently with Lime Crime, and women who are in need of mentoring may go to Doe knowing that she places great value on the role of a mentor.

Soros supports suits to fight voter restrictions

Billionaire philanthropist George Soros on wsj has pledged $5 million to help democrats in their legal fight against voting restrictions passed by Republicans at the state level around the country, according to a story in the New York Times. Voter identification requirements on are at the the top of the list of rules Democrats don’t like, and other issues include throwing out votes cast in the wrong precinct and time limits on early voting.

Soros is a native of Hungary, and has made his fortune living in the United States where he has been heavily involved in international investment funds and banking. George Soros has taken on many liberal causes over the years, and is a noted philanthropist. He is the major financial backer for the lawsuits being filed in state capitals around the nation, the story said.

George Soros was involved heavily in the 2004 presidential race, and is a major benefactor for Democrats. He has yet to pledge a large amount to the Hillary Clinton campaign, but he is expected to support the Democratic candidate for president. The group of lawyers leading the suits against the Republican voter rules includes lawyers related to the Clinton campaign.

While he has not yet put a lot of money behind the Clinton campaign, he has pledged to give to the fight against voter rules. Democrats, and Soros, feel the restrictions passed by Republicans could limit access to voting by people who traditionally vote for Democrats, which could be huge in a close election. The rules generally affect poor, young and minority group voters – who traditionally vote for Democrats. Suits have already been filed in Ohio and Wisconsin, and many more in Republican controlled states, are expected to follow.

“We hope to see these unfair laws, which often disproportionately affect the most vulnerable in our society, repealed,” Soros is quoted as saying in the New York Times article.

Republicans say the rules are needed to prevent voter fraud. Democrats counter that there is virtually no proof that a problem even exists with voter fraud, and charge that the restrictions are political in nature, designed to give
Republicans an advantage at the polls. A government study showed the restrictions do result in lower voter turnout after they are passed.

Soros has been active in issues affecting the poor and disadvantaged for years. He has started the Open Society Foundation, which operates in 100 countries, to support open society, human rights and transparency. In 2011 the foundation gave away $835 million.

3 Tips On Makeup You Need To Follow

Makeup is not always easy to do right if you don’t have all the right experience. If you are new to the world of makeup, the key is to know how to put it on and properly make yourself feel good about yourself. There are several different ways ton can actually wear makeup to make yourself look better and improve your confidence. Use these three tricks to help you look your best.

3 Tips On Makeup You Need To Follow

– Contouring

Invest in a good set of brushes and a nice nude palette that naturally fits your skin colors to help you look your best every single day and naturally start contouring without much trouble. Contouring is the art of fixing up your face to accentuate different parts of your face to help you look your best. Contouring is amazing to do because it can help to shape your face and skin. With the right contour, you can turn your nose into any shape you want without going in the knife.

– Lips

Your lips are one of the main parts of the face. They need to be beautiful, ready, and looking good. What’s so important for you to do when getting your lips ready is to actually start using little tricks to help them look better. For example, grab a nice little tissue and bite your lips into them after using your lipstick to help you look your best and make the colors pop.

– Lime Crime

Lastly, the one thing you need to start using is Lime Crime. The brand is one of the best in the business because of how their products are designed. It has some of the most amazing designs to help you look your best. Lime Crime is also very easy to use and can provide you with the most perfect makeup to help you get the best colors.

What most people love about Lime Crime is that it was invented by Doe Deere. She uses only the most beautiful designs and colors in her makeup, and she implements the best makeup for all skin types.

Exciting News For FreedomPop Customers

FreedomPop’s Groundbreaking Design

The company called FreedomPop is certainly turning heads all around the United States. They just launched their first international community, also. They are now available in the United Kingdom for residents there, and there are talks of entering other international markets also. The United States residents who use the service seem to have tested it out and must have used the service, improved upon it and gave the company reasons to expand. The service is based upon a simple idea. It is for people who are tired of paying too much for their cell phone bills. The price on phone bills and internet access is a tremendous burden upon so many people. Phone companies charge a lot of money for something that seems so simple. This company, FreedomPop, has designed a way to tap into the existing networks and help consumers save a bundle. Their method is simple. They purchase large quantities of data usage and network coverage from phone companies. Then, they sell this to consumers at a steep discount. In fact, their basic service is free to consumers. There are options to upgrade from the basic service, but people don’t have to upgrade, of course.

New Wifi Phone From FreedomPop

FreedomPop has a new offering that they are bringing to consumers. It will be available in 2016, and it is specially designed to assist people who are using the service for the phone calls, texts and data usage. The smart phone is a device called a wifi phone that connects to wireless internet signals that may not have been detected by other phones. It is set up to be able to tap into any wireless network within the area, so people who use this phone should expect crisp, clear calling, text messaging and data wherever they go. It will cost between $99 and $199. This is a huge step for FreedomPop customers.

This information was first reported on Cnet. If you would like more information, please visit this article. The original article in its entirety can be viewed by clicking here.

Nobilis Health is on the Rise

The healthcare industry has evolved into the largest industry in the world. Recent publications suggest that it is as much as three times the size of the global banking sector on After being relatively dormant for the about 50 years, this particular industry is rapidly revitalizing itself and is currently undergoing a phenomenal transformation. More so, companies in the American healthcare industry have been looking to conform to the regulations defined in the Affordable Care Act. The industry players are also actively seeking to collaborate with other organizations in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries as is evident in the mergers and acquisitions trend present today.

A good number of companies in the US health industry have proactively taken advantage of the new regulations and industry trends improving sales figures in a rapidly transforming environment. The contemporary healthcare system is in pursuit of three primary aims known as the triple aim. The triple aim includes improving healthcare experiences, enhancing the overall health of populations, and cutting the healthcare per capita costs. This has encouraged a general trend in the current healthcare industry aimed at prevention, wellness, consumer integrated and oriented care, participatory patient care, digitization of care services, measurement of outcomes, population engagement, precision and personalization of care services.

One of the rising industry players in the Arizona and Texas states is Nobilis Health. This organization owns and runs 10 healthcare facilities in the two states. These include a Houston based surgical hospital, 6 ambulatory surgery establishments, 2 MRI service centers as well as an urgent healthcare services center. It is important to point out that Nobilis Health Corp has strong marketing affiliations with 16 other surgical centers all over the US. This organization attributes its exceptional record of accomplishment to its high organic growth, more so, with regard to mergers and acquisition.

Towards the 3rd quarter of 2014, the organization acquired the First Nobilis Hospital for more than 7 million dollars. In the same quarter, it went on to acquire about 60% stake as well as the management control of a health care institution formerly known as Freedom Pain Hospital for just 3 million dollars. As such, reports suggest that the financial markets have been erroneously undervaluing Nobilis Health Corp. This has been mainly due to the failure to understand the growing need for surgical procedures by the populations suffering obesity as well as the increasing aging populace.

To further propel its growth plans and reduce its outstanding debt, Nobilis Health Corp successfully acquired debt financing from GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services worth 25 million dollars. This includes a five million revolving loan facility as well as a term loan facility of 20 million dollars. As such, the company’s share price has improved greatly in 2015 in comparison to 2014 and is considered by financial analysts as a premium buy. As of October 2015, the company with a market capitalization of more than 360 million dollars realized a 52-week share price high of about 9.3 dollars. This is definite proof that Nobilis Health is on the rise.