Try Handy Cleaning Services and Get Your Life Back Today

I am a big fan of Handy Cleaning Services. This company has become one of the most important things in my life because I have so much more free time. I really love what this company has done over the years for me, and I have lots of faith in their organization.

The first time I discovered Handy Cleaning Services was when I got ready to sell my first home. I had found another home that I wanted to buy, and I didn’t have a lot to time to paint the home that I wanted to sell. The best thing that I could do was find someone that would help me get the house painted quickly. I thumbed through the phone book and Handy Cleaning Services is what I discovered. That would turn out to be the best possible solution for me.

What I would ultimately discover about Handy Cleaning Services is that this was a company that had a couple of people that were jacks of all trades. They would come in and be able to repair small things if I scheduled services like light fixtures. They would also be able to do things like plumbing if I needed someone for plumbing. This company has simplified my life in ways that I could not imagine. There services have been invaluable, and I have managed to tell just about everyone that I know about the quality jobs that they are doing.

Anyone that fails to at least try out Handy Cleaning Services is really doing themselves a disservice. I regret the time that I took to realize how effective this company was. It was my ignorance in thinking that I could not afford this company that kept me from trying this service. I have been so surprised to learn that this company has been in existence long enough to make millions. The prices for the services are much more affordable than I thought. I would say that these professionals must have cleaned a lot of homes to make a million in revenue. With all the clients that this company services I just know that this is one of the best organizations out there.

I think that a lot of people that have never tried a home cleaning company may assume that these companies all do the same thing. They speculate about how they could probably do a better job that some professional cleaners. There are some exceptions to the rule. There certainly are some people that may be able to do a better job than the cleaning professionals, but this is a limited amount. In most situations these cleaners from Handy Cleaning Services are going to be able to provide a level of professional cleaning that most people just cannot get with another company. This is what makes this one of the best organizations to put on speed dial. I actually schedule my services through the Internet, but there have been times when I called and scheduled service by phone. If I have limited time I will call and get service scheduled over the phone.

Doe Deere Cosmetic Company

Cosmetic choices are very individual. Certainly, there are 3 types of girls. There are the girls that go with the flow. They like to wear the traditional makeup. This suits their cosmetic purposes. There are the girls that don’t like to cover their faces with makeup. They prefer a more natural look. Of course, there are the girls like Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime that like to make a statement with their makeup. In order to select the best makeup that matches your personality, it is wise to select your style or approach to makeup. Let’s take a closer look.

Traditional Girls
The fact is that the majority of girls lean more toward the traditional style of makeup. They are the consumers that purchase the foundations and other cosmetic products in a department store. Those department store brands are made by the big name cosmetic companies. Consumers prefer those lines because they know what to expect. They know that the makeup colors match. Therefore, they do not have to be afraid of wild colors that do not match their style. Certainly, the more traditional makeup wearer would look stunning in this makeup choice.

Natural Girls
The natural girls are the girls that prefer to go without makeup. Those girls do not wear makeup for a number of reasons. For example, they are extreme naturalist and prefer to avoid any type of enhancement. They might avoid makeup due to religious reasons. Of course, there are others that simply don’t have the time to bother with makeup. However, today that is very rare.

Doe Deere Style
The next type of girl, is the wild child. This is the girl that is very expressive and enjoys wearing the latest styles. She is the one that is not afraid to experiment with colors and makeup enhancements. Lime Crime is the perfect cosmetic brand for her. Lime Crime is a a makeup brand that is creating a lot of talk and excitement in the beauty world. The creator of the makeup line is Doe Deere. Women are actually very excited and intrigued by the glamorous colors in the beauty line. Bloggers all across the Internet are creating a favorable buzz about this creative line of products. Now, Lime Crime has thousands of fans across the Internet, sharing information about the product. Doe Deere is an entrepreneur that started her wild brand on the Internet. She is very pleased that the Internet crowd has connected with her products. Lime Crime is a makeup line for the bold and creative person. It is not a makeup line for the shy wallflower that does not like attention. Doe Deere realized that some women are searching for a makeup line that helps them to express their individuality. Lime Crime is certainly a cosmetic line that addresses that concern. Doe Deere believes it is a makeup for anyone that would like to make a bold statement. For example, the unicorn line of lipstick is wild and exiting with colors like Cosmopop and Geradium. Definitely, bold and fabulous makeup.

Success behind the Name Kenneth Griffin

Over the years, Ken Griffin has made a name for himself in the financial sector. Recently, he was ranked number 89 on the Forbes annual 400 richest people in America. The 45 year old is said to have a net worth of $6.6 billion. Griffin has a stake in politics but he has been denouncing such accusations. In the recent years, Griffin has shown his financial backing of Bruce Rauner, the Illinois governor. He wowed the political world by donating $2.5 million to Rauner’s campaign. Aside from political donations, he also donated $150 million to his former University, Harvard. His donation to the University was aimed at ensuring that the money would be utilized for supporting students who face financial difficulties.
Ken Griffin on wallstreetjournal was born in Daytona Beach, Florida. Being young and energetic, Griffin joined Harvard University where he developed an interest in the money market. In 1986, he got the idea of investing in stock markets after reading an article from the Forbes magazine. He commenced trading stock options from his small room that was close to the University. When he was in second year, his idea had grown and believed that it was time to establish a corporation. Griffin borrowed funds from his family and friends. With the available cash, Griffin was able to commence operations as a hedge fund. He got real time market information through a satellite link he had installed in his room.
Griffin graduated with an economics degree in 1989. His breakthrough in business came when Frank Meyer, the founder of Glenwood Capital, gave Griffin $1 million to invest. Kenneth went beyond the expectations of Meyer by making a 70% investment return. In 1990, he used $4.6 million to establish Citadel LLC and in a period of 8 years, he had created about $1 billion in investment capital besides having more than 100 employees.
In the twenty years that Kenneth has been in business, he has featured frequently in the Forbes 400 list. He first appeared in the list in 2003 when he had a net worth of $650 million. He featured again in 2004 where he was ranked the eighth richest self- made American under the age of forty. In 2006, he once more featured as the fifth youngest rich person below forty on the 400 Forbes list. In 2007, his net worth had grown to $3 billion and by the end of 2014; it had reached $5.5 billion.
Kenneth has been questioned time and again about his interest in politics. He has insisted that he has no interest in joining politics. Griffin asserts that he is just interested in policies that help the economy and if there is a political candidate who implements such policies, he will back him or her up. In the past, he has backed Mitt Romney in his presidential bid. He has also backed Eric Cantor and Illinois Senator, Mark Kirk. Kenneth’s work of philanthropy covers different initiatives. In 2011, he donated $11 million for the construction of a new chapel in his Fourth Presbyterian Church. Griffin is also an active parishioner of the church.

Insight Into the Life of Brian Mulligan


Brian Mulligan is the CEO of Brooknol Advisors and this is a media and sports advisory company. Mulligan has over 30 years of experience as an entertainment industry advisor and in top entertainment executive positions. He was the former co-chairman of Universal Pictures, CEO of Universal Television, chairman of FOX Broadcasting, and he has worked in sports entertainment. Mulligan earned a bachelors degree in business administration from the University of South Carolina and received a masters degree from the University of California.

Brian Mulligan’s Other Career Highlights

Brian Mulligan served on the board of directors at Spyglass Partners and during his time there he gave the green light on movies such as Star Trek, Dinner for Schmucks and Invictus. Mulligan was also instrumental in the selling of Napster to Best Buy in 2008. Other companies he worked with include USA Networks, Universal Studio Japan, Seagram Universal and Universal Orlando.

Brian Mulligan As Angel Investor

Given his background in investing in entertainment and sports ventures, it’s not surprising that Brian Mulligan is also a successful angel investor. He is a member of Tech Coast Angels, which is the largest angel investor group in the country. It was founded in 1997 and so far it has invested over $119 million while helping other companies get close to a billion in funding from various firms. Some companies that Mulligan and other members invested in are Green Dot Corporation,, and ElephantDrive, an online data storage company.

Brian Mulligan’s Advice on Sports Entertainment

With Mulligan’s experience in the sports entertainment world, he has plenty of advice on it. Mulligan stated in a recent interview that while traditionally most sports cable networks focus only on sports, times are changing and that this is no longer enough for the networks to hold audiences’ attention. This is especially true since more people are watching sports online. Mulligan also mentioned that those wishing to enter sports entertainment can do so by doing volunteer work at events.

In conclusion, Brian Mulligan is a jack of all trades in his career. His work in the entertainment and sports industries has led to the releases of well-produced films and TV programs. Mulligan also believes in giving back to the community and we see this in his work as an angel investor. Mulligan has over 30 years of experience and this makes him a mover and shaker in Hollywood. He works behind the scenes to make the entertainment industry better.

AI Based Search Engine Flipora Gains Huge Investors

The internet is a pretty wild place and for a long time this has allowed a vacuum of companies to rise up to the top and become big players in web content search traffic. Look at engines like Google and Yahoo or social media establishments like Facebook and Twitter to see who the current ‘internet guards’ are. Now if you want to start an internet based company you have to bring something new or unique to the table to get noticed. That is exactly what Flipora, an artificial intelligence based social search engine, has done. Their quest to connect users to new content via an innovative system has led to surging popularity and a possible change in the internet generation.

Back in 2010 Flipora, then known as InfoAxe, was merely a good idea looking for funding. The company ended up finding that cash in the form of a $3 million investment allotment. Since then Flipora has been growing and refining their artificial intelligence system while bringing in more customers and growing their name. Rebranding as Flipora has allowed the company a fresh start with new possible users and the change has worked. Right now Flipora has backers from some pretty hefty institutions. The creators of Google Adsense, Powerset,, Funzio, and Aster Data have all put money down to back what Flipora is trying to do. What exactly is Flipora attempting here, and how is it different than the old school engines?

Well, right now in order to find content on the internet you need to rely on a string of keywords and the hope that your search engine has indexed what you are looking for. This method works fine but it is similar to using a map to find something where, in reality, you won’t always have a map. So Flipora has outsourced the job of mining new content to the users and then connects these users via their AI Discovery Engine. For example, if you really enjoy sports then all of your sport based searches would be indexed in the Flipora database. Other passionate sports fans would then get content suggestions based off of the collective ‘sports index’. This allows content to be curated by the users while focusing on discovery and minor social interaction.

Flipora is growing by leaps and bounds at the moment and they are coming up, in terms of traffic, on the juggernaut that is StumbleUpon. In a few years it would not be surprising to see the Discovery Engine become common place on the internet.

Electrical Engineering Education Blueprint for Shaygan Kheradpir Success

Why do most electrical engineering college students desert their major before their senior year? While STEM careers are encouraged in high school, the foundation that is required to prepare potential college students for these degrees is mediocre.

Employment in the electrical engineering sector will increase almost 17 percent by the year 2020, but only 17 percent of high school graduates have sufficient preparation in mathematics, or an interest to specialize in this field. Experts agree, if students are not motivated and properly educated for a STEM career, the United States will remain behind in the context of a global economy.

Technology executive and former Verizon CIO, Shaygan Kheradpir says there are plenty of initiatives and collaborations to encourage students to pursue electrical engineering careers, such as national programs offered by the Verizon Foundation, and GE. Kheradpir points out that the government is also committed to increasing educational options in the STEM sector by funding competitive grants to woo students to participate in higher learning degrees.

Providing the Groundwork for Innovation

Shaygan Kheradpir has become a central figure to some of the biggest corporations on, including GTE, Verizon, and Barclay’s, and he’s applauded for leading the cutting-edge developments at Verizon, and Barclay’s mobile payment software. At the heart of this growth was Kheradpir’s talent for encouraging innovation, and graduate degree in electrical engineering, Shaygan Kheradpir understands the need for pre-university education that ensures students are ready for rigorous college-level coursework.

Research shows that students who took high school AP courses in math and science were better prepared for higher education STEM coursework, and more likely to complete an electrical engineering degree. In the last decade, the number of students who graduated from high school and took AP courses in math or science has almost doubled.

Top 5 U.S states with public high school graduates who are successful in AP Exams

Maryland 29. 6 percent
New York 28 percent
Massachusetts 27.9 percent
Florida 27.3 percent
Virginia 27 percent

Students in those five states achieved a score of three or higher on the AP exam, and exceeded the national average.

Achievement Gaps Among Students in East and West is Serious

Rich Asian countries lead the way in international ranking of academic performance. A result that, experts say, reflect a strong social commitment to primary education. The USA finished in 14th place in the ranking.

Yet, studies find that globally, student performance has generally improved over the past decade, with Asian countries still leading in math and science. Still, we are faced with the lagging question of how to boost the number of students prepared for college-level coursework. Educational institutions can begin by applying more funds per student, and changing from a common-core system to a college-ready program for all.

Recreate One’s Beauty With Lime Crime

Makeup has always been a way to conceal, cover up or disguise any imperfections that one may have. However, that does not always have to be the case. Makeup can be used as a way to express oneself, in a bold presence. Lime Crime, believes this is the reason for makeup. In fact, it is in their slogan, ” so bright it’s illegal.”

Lime Crime is a cosmetic company, created by Doe Deere in an effort to define beauty from all of her followers. She believes that everyone has the right to exhibit their own definition of beauty. Lime Crime is designed for all beings, regardless of their sexual orientation. This company does not believe in creating products in which any beings are harmed, which is why they are completely natural.

When Doe Deere decided to engulf in the cosmetic world with Lime Crime, she knew that this was her calling. These colors are known for their true representations and the makeup is inspired by women everywhere. For example, the Cry Baby line is inspired by artist Melanie Martinez, who defines herself as a unicorn, which is the stigma behind Lime Crime. Lovers, fans and followers of Lime Crime cosmetics are often referred to as unicorns, as Doe Deere is known as the Queen of unicorns.

Inanimate objects are also known to be an inspiration for creations by Lime Crime. Take for instance, the eraser from a pencil is what inspired one of the pink shades in the pink opaque Unicorn lipsticks. In fact Eraser is the newest edition to the Lime Crime selections, and is stated to be around for a limited time only.

Perfecting the art of mixology is another favorite behind Lime Crime fans. Creating their own colors using a variety of shades provided by Lime Crime to create their own allows followers to uniquely express themselves. Doe Deere, the vision behind Lime Crime, offers tutorials and ideas on ways to expand a followers cosmetic inventory.

The independent makeup lovers prove that Lime Crime is more than a cosmetic company, it is an outlet to showcase creativity. This ranges from creating the Mermaid pout with glitter, to adding freckles in the most desired colors. This company is about bold representation of beauty, and individuality. Lime Crime encourages others to use the makeup as a way to truly become a unicorn.

Every week Lime Crime dishes out their women crush Wednesday, in an effort to support girl power. It is said that Doe Deere, truly believes in people(unicorns), everywhere living their dreams and pursuing their goals, especially when it is women. Lime Crime was created against all odds, and is here to give unicorns that self confidence boost needed to truly express themselves.

FreedomPop’s Mobile Wireless Services For Wi-Fi Is Valuable, But It Only Costs $5 Monthly

Anyone who has a portable device, such as a tablet, laptop, cell phone or other device should know that Wi-Fi service is necessary for these types of devices. Although a laptop may have space for an ethernet cord, most people prefer to connect wirelessly to a laptop. Internet service is something that many people use on their wireless devices, and some devices cannot work properly without Internet service like FreedomPop. Imagine using a tablet without the Internet, how many things can a person really do with a tablet when it has no Internet service? A tablet was made to have Internet service through Wi-Fi, unlike a laptop which can connect to the Internet with a wire or without one.

Wi-Fi service is something that many people absolutely need, especially since most people don’t use the Internet in their homes. Even if the person has Internet service on in their home, some people are very likely to leave their homes throughout the day, and they need Internet service when they are outside of their home. The Internet can be used for everything, especially for looking up information. Maybe somebody is out on the road, and they need to look up the business hours of a company that they are trying to find.

Even though it’s possible to get business hours and other information about a store from a stranger on the road, it’s much easier to look it up on the Internet. If a person has a cell phone with an Internet connection, then they can easily look up the information they need, even if they have to connect their cell phone to Wi-Fi service. The fact is Wi-Fi service is very valuable these days, especially for those who have mobile devices. Anyone looking for Wi-Fi service may find themselves connecting to one inside a store, but it may be a lot wiser to join FreedomPop’s unlimited Wi-Fi application for Wi-Fi service.

FreedomPop’s unlimited Wi-Fi service is available to anyone, and the service only costs five dollars a month. Anyone who doesn’t want to pay a lot of money to their current service provider for Internet service should join FreedomPop. FreedomPop has millions of hotspots around the USA, and each hotspot has high-speed Internet that can be accessed by those who have the FreedomPop Wi-Fi application. For only five dollars a month, a person can use each Wi-Fi hotspot as much or as little as they’d like. Those who are worried about security when it comes to using a Wi-Fi service can feel at ease because FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi services are safe and secure. Since Wi-Fi service is something that’s necessary for anyone with a mobile device, then it’s a great idea to make FreedomPop the Wi-Fi service provider of choice.

Eucatex’s New Product Goes To The Market

Economic growth can easily be measured based on the number of investors willing to commit their resources in the market. Going with this assumption, the Brazilian economy tops the list of the new growing economies in the world. This is considering the current market worth that the country has been accumulating. As a result, investors both individuals and corporates have been showing interest in the Brazilian economy hence the rampant investments in the country. One of the most known investor to get into the Brazilian market is Flavio Maluf. Maluf is the current CEO of Eucatex. Accompany that has specialized in wood products.

Eucatex has been trying to align its business with the current international call to conserve the environment and this has led the company to research on best practices in its area of operation. Eucatex is majorly involved in wood production, an area which poses great challenges when it comes to conserving the environment. However, Eucatex has been making progress in creating environmentally friendly production process. Recently, the company introduced a new product in the market that has become a pioneer product of its kind. As way of reducing the use of timer, which results in forest destruction, the company has a new product on

The new thin wood panels that Eucatex has introduced in the market is one of the greatest inventory that the company has ever come up with. This new product aims at bringing in the industry a sustainable means of production that will help in reducing the implication of cutting down trees for timber. The company has been trying to make it possible for its customer to enjoy the same satisfaction while preserving the environment at the same time. The new thin panels produced by Eucatex are a perfect example of the company’s efforts to maintain the ecosystem balance.

In terms of creating the market for the new product, it seems like Eucatex will not have to spend volumes of money in advertising. The new thin wood panels are gaining popularity all over the Latin American region which is a clear indication of the population’s support to conserve the environment. Educates is actually grappling with the challenge of supplying the new product to the large market that has been driven by the rising demand for the product. The company is looking at a situation whereby it will be forced to go regional and have branches in the surrounding countries.

Economists Say Small Business Need A Financial Disaster Plan

Small businesses have kept the American economy stable for decades. If it wasn’t for small businesses the United States would not have expanded so quickly during the last half of the 20th century, according to economists. But those same economists also say the nation has changed in the 21st century, and small businesses are on the economic endangered list.

One reason for the change is small businesses don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place, according to oxfordjournals Christian Broda, the managing director of Duquesne Capital Management based in New York. Broda knows a lot about small businesses. He taught economics at the University of Chicago, and a lot of his lectures were about the rise and fall of small businesses. One of the issues with small business today, according to Broda, is most companies with less than 300 employees don’t have disaster recovery insurance, and if they were faced with a financial disaster it would take them a minimum of three months to recover if they recovered at all.

The issue is small businesses don’t want to put their finances in something that seems unlikely. There hasn’t been a major national disaster in the United States for years, and that has given small business owners a sense of false confidence. There have been regional disasters like tornados and hurricanes that have leveled small towns and cities and closed the small businesses left in those towns, but that hasn’t been enough stimulus for small businesses in other cities and towns to invest in disaster insurance. Most small shop owners and small companies think the likelihood of a national disaster is less than 25 percent, and a large percentage of those companies believe climate change is not going to have a major impact on their daily routine.

The complacency that surrounds disaster preparation makes economists nervous. History tells them that less than 75 percent of small companies survive a national disaster. If a national disaster does strike, and businesses are not prepared, the United States could face major unemployment and serious economic repercussions. No one can force businesses to prepare for a disaster that might not happen. But small business owner do need some sort of plan to protect not only their assets but also their employees, according to economists that study national disasters.