Show Off Your Wild Side With Lime Crime And Doe Deere

Fashion is a great way to help show off one’s inner self. People can use makeup in order to help them convey all sorts of things about them. A person may wish to wear a costly shirt from a well known manufacturer in order to indicate they are wealthy. Someone else may look for pieces that are less expensive but have new fabrics and unusual colors incorporated into the fabric to help demonstrate their sense of creativity to others. The ability of fashion to help someone create an entirely new and interesting persona is endless as people continually explore how fashion can be moved forward.

Very much the same is true of makeup choices. People can pick out makeup that can help them show off the kind of inner thoughts they have as well as the kind of preferences they have in life. Many people look for makeup that help them show off their inner sense of fun and understanding of fashion trends. The right use of makeup can provide the user with the ability to transform themselves into someone that is almost entirely different than how they happen to look at the moment. In this way, the use of makeup can be wild, creative and really fun.

Those who love to play around with different and unusual colors will find that they can get help creating the kind of look they have in mind with the help of Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a makeup company that was founded with a small sum of capital by insightful and creative intelligent Doe Deere. Ms. Deere has spent many years working in the field of makeup in order to help her customers get the kind of look they want at low cost. Her makeup company is widely noted as one of the most innovative companies in the contemporary field of makeup. Under her leadership, the company has been able to offer customers access to makeup colors that are interesting and not common. Users have been able to work closely with Ms. Deere to help them find a look that is striking and fun at the same time. Her choice of bold colors for her line of makeup has allowed her fans to create looks for themselves that are out of the ordinary and charming at the same time.

Customers can easily logon to Ms. Deere’s website and find all kinds of makeup choices that are ideal for the creation of a look that is immediately eye catching and truly innovative. People who buy her products find that the high quality products offered here are also products that will show off their sense of the uncommon and their own willingness to experiment with new fashion choices and interesting color choices of all kinds.

Finding Good Makeup With Doe Deere

Makeup has been used for centuries to help people change their overall look. Someone may want to put on a dash of lipstick to help them look less pale. Another person may want to have makeup to help them add a nice layer of professionalism to their basic look. Still another person may find it necessary to wear makeup because they will be appearing on stage and need to have makeup on in order to help them look good and avoid being gobbled by the spotlight when they are on stage. Makeup can help people accomplish all of these goals and even new ones that the person may not be aware of but still want to have such as the ability to keep on trend and demonstrate they are in touch with where today’s fashion is going.

In many cases, the key is find makeup that is good quality and ideal for the user’s needs. Good quality makeup with have several qualities. Makeup that is made from high quality ingredients is makeup that will typically have other qualities as well such as the ability to provide protection against the sun and help moisture the skin . Many kinds of good makeup from Doe Deere have ingredients that can also add in necessary vitamins and minerals that can also provide someone no only with a dash of color but with a youthful glow that they enjoy at any time. High quality makeup can also help conceal any scars the person may have and does not wish to reveal to others.

Many companies offer their customers the chance to enjoy good quality makeup that works for their needs. One such compay is Lime Crime. Lime Crime was founded by skilled businesswoman Doe Deere. Deere has a background in many creative fields including the field of drama and that of fashion. She started her cosmetics company with the intention of providing her clients with the opportunity to enjoy access to high quality products that are also innovative and interesting at the same time. Her products are available in a wide variety of colors. She is able to help provide the kind of makeup that can easily transform someone from a Plain Jane into a look that helps them feel more Katy Perry.

Those who are able to find such makeup often find that it is also easy to use. A quick swipe and some tissues can easily turn drab into fab and allow the person to feel that their personality has come through. The use of makeup that is high quality is also makeup that will work with any kind of clothing that the person has in mind. Makeup of this sort will also typically work well with other kinds of accesories such as bracelets and scarves. A well chosen item can even help show off the buyer’s best features and provide them with a sense of confidence and happiness as they go about their daily lives and any specific special occasion they may have in mind.

Is Social Media Taking Over Our Lives

I’m addicted to social media. I’m one of those people that has my phone glued to me at every moment of every day. I love checking Facebook, Twitter, and all of these other great sites. It was a way for me to keep up with my family and friends without interfering with my hectic schedule.

My sister lives about an hour away from me, and although we are not that far apart, it still can be hard getting together at times. However, I still get to see the children, attend their sporting events, and be involved in their lives all without ever getting in the car and driving. I get to do it through the power of social media. I love all of the pictures and the many things that connect us at the touch of a button. I often use social media and my cell phone to put me to sleep at night. It’s the last thing I check before I go to sleep, and it’s the first thing I check the next morning.

Social media is a great way for me to keep up with my old boyfriend, some friends I went to college with and even that friend I had in elementary school. One of my most favorite apps in the new Flipora. I just discovered this surfing app, and I am already addicted. The fact that you can search the web and it stores all of your places that you have been for instant recall is amazing. You customize the app based on your settings and what you like, and the app does the rest for you. If I want to look up gourmet hamburgers, it’s going to give you all the sites that have all of the hamburger recipes you could ever want. No matter what your taste is, this app can help you. It is a social surfing site that is geared towards artificial intelligence and leading you exactly where you want to be.

Some call it personalized content recommendation services that just works the web in your favor. You can also follow topics of other like-minded folks and find a whole world that you never knew even existed. You can upload content with recommendations and share it with the other users. The site currently the site has over 8 million users in the United States and 25 million users worldwide. Right now it can only be used by Apple’s iPhone, but hopefully soon it will be available for Android users as well. Some say this app knows who you are and what you want and does everything it can to deliver. It’s pretty scary that social media knows so much about us, but I totally love it. Flipora is a must have for the avid content surfer.

Essential Rules of Buying Luxury Men’s Shoes

Luxury men’s leather shoes don’t just refer to dress shoes. They are also quality men’s shoes bought for daily wear that are an investment since they last for a long time. There is an old adage that says that a man is made by the shoes he wears and it is not wrong. Men might not think it is necessary to focus on their attire, shoes and appearance but the world has changed and shoes can help to make the perfect first impression on a client, date or even a crowd full of strangers.

Here are some golden rules to follow before buying luxury men’s shoes –

Quality of Leather – The leather should be firm and supple at the same time. The leather should also be maintained regularly, as per the manufacturer’s instructions. The best option is to go for Italian calfskin leather and Paul Evans is, by far, the ideal choice. Their handcrafted shoes made from calfskin leather exude confidence and they also have a great variety for those men who are tired of the same cookie cutter styles available with other retailers.

Heel Size – Unless the height of the man is under 5 feet and, most importantly, the wearer is uncomfortable with that height, luxury men’s shoes should not come with a heel that is over 3 cm. A higher heel might work for boots but for dress shoes and formal shoes, it simply looks absurd. The correct way of finding out the right heel is by walking into a store wearing a suit so that the heel size can be checked there and then.

Shape of the Toe – Most experts like Paul Evans recommend buying luxury men’s shoes whose toe shape matches with the actual toe shape of the foot. However, for extremely blunt toe shapes, a little silhouette can be added by choosing something that is smooth and well rounded. It would be prudent to remember that buying shoes with a toe shape that is too tapered or wide would lead to utmost discomfort for the wearer.

Hire An Expert – Finally, for novice shoe buyers, expert and professional opinion is the best. It can come from your father, shoe designers, consultants and even people who are there to help buyers at the shoe store. Ultimately, an expert can help a buyer to make the perfect decision by recommending shoes that would be worn for a long time.

Shoes is not one of those areas where men should be stingy. As an investment, a man should buy the best shoes that his budget allows for. If possible, buying handcrafted shoes from top names like Paul Evans should be on the next shopping list of every man.

Uses of Cosmetics in Enhancing Beauty

The cosmetics market has been experiencing tremendous growth over the last few decades thanks to the spread of western civilization. Women all over the world have come to appreciate the uses of cosmetics from the younger generations all the way up to the older women. Lime Crime, a cosmetics company has moved in to cease the opportunity by producing a myriad of makeup products. Going by the growth of the company’s distribution networks on, it is evident that the market is doing very well and business is on the high. Lime Crime has been in the industry for years now and the company understands the current trends in fashion better than anyone else. As a result, the company has been one of the leading players in the cosmetic industry for years.

Makeups are good for women and their demand will most probably never be on a decreasing trend. The good thing about makeups is that they can be experimental and there is room for errors. Women love makeups because it is an opportunity they get to play around with their looks and determine which one works for them. Makeups are temporary and most of them will wipe off within 12 hours. This temporal feature is what makes women love wearing make ups. It allows them to be in control and change their looks whenever they feel like it. Let’s not forget that women are fashion fanatics and they are more sensitive to style than men.

Makeups give women the power to match their looks, especially their facials, with their theme dressing color. Matching colors for women is very important and their sense of match is far much beyond what men can do. As such, women use cosmetics to enhance their overall looks by matching colors from their clothing to the makeup they have worn. For a woman to feel confident, she must feel good about herself and makeup is part of a woman’s feel good strategy. It helps them achieve a look that they desire hence making them feel good about themselves.

Lastly, as women desire to look good, it is also true that they hate looking bad or having to feel bad about something that is unchangeable about them. Here is where makeups again comes in handy. There are different variant cosmetic products designed to conceal certain physical spots such as black spots and other undesirable features. Such products are very useful and effective in enhancing a woman’s features. Makeups are very good for women when the right use is applied and when instructions are followed. In fact, other variants of makeups enhance the quality of the skin making it look tighter and younger. After all, it is an all-women’s dream to look and feel younger.

Top 6 Most Pigmented Eye Shadows

Are you always looking for make-up as bright. vivid and different as your personal unique outgoing personality? It can be hard to find extremely pigmented eye shadow colors on the market without trying them all and seeing how pigmented they actually are once you apply them to your skin. Some of the brightest eye shadows on a eye shadow pallet can be the dullest and nearly translucent once you apply them to your skin. Don’t worry though, Doe Deere came up with a list of the most pigmented eye shadows ever based off of thousands of online reviews. Here are some of the make-up brands with the most pigmented eye shadows available that have people raving about them world-wide.


MAC Pigments tend to last a long time. With MAC eye shadows, a little bit goes a long way. Like with most highly pigmented eye shadows, you should use a primer before applying the the most impressive results. These highly pigmented colors are very beautiful bright colors. These pressed glitter pigments go on creamy and usually consist of light shades that are highly pigmented. MAC is a little more pricey than some of the other brands of highly pigmented eye shadows but definitely one of the best selling. These bright eye shadows are just as glittery as they are colorful.

Urban Decay

Urban Decay’s Electric Pallet features 10 shades that are pigmented to the max. Less glittery than MAC eye shadows with more wildly intense bold colors that are extremely bright and vivid making the name ‘Electric’ suite this nicely pigmented pallet perfectly.

Sugarpill Cosmetics

Sugarpill is a cruelty free company that gets more attention for their loose eye shadows that tend to not only be bright but very glittery as well. Sugarpill doesn’t only produce impressive eye shadows in neon colors though. They also offer other colors such as gold, silver and dark blue that are exceptionally bold and vivid as well with gorgeous shimmer.

Lime Crime

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime is also hot in today’s market. Doe Deere’s sassy stylish personality has inspired some of the most highly pigmented eye shadows available right now. Lime Crime doesn’t only offer extremely bright and vivid eye shadow pigments though. Lime Crime also offers highly pigmented lip stains in about any bright color you can think of. If you’re looking for a unique, wild, dramatic look then Lime Crime is definitely the way to go.

Make Up Forever

Make Up Forever has light shades, neon shades and even darker shades in highly pigmented colors. All Make Up Forever eye shadows, from dark green to neon orange make your eyes pop with their beautiful vivid shades. Make Up Forever is most popular for their metallic shades of eye shadow.


NARS has a collection of very rich shades. NARS doesn’t have as very big of a collection of bright neon colors as some of these other brands but the vivid and bold shades they do have are impressively pigmented, especially for their shades. NARS is notorious for their shimmering bright gold, brown, grey and silver shades.

Lime Crime Didn’t Go The Safe Route

With all of the good makeup brands that are out there, and that girls trust, a new brand has to bring something completely different to the table in order for them to have a chance of survival. They are going to have to try to think outside of the box. They are going to need to have a brilliant plan for getting girls to switch over from the cosmetic brands that they use currently. People like sicking with what they know and trust, and trying to get someone to buy a new brand of cosmetics is not an easy feat for a new company.
Lime Crime has somehow excelled at getting people to purchase their products, though. Despite all of the reasons why the brand could have fizzled out the moment that they got started, they have been gaining fame and customers quickly. And the reason behind that? They are unique. They are different. Too many new companies think that they can work their way into customers’ hearts by offering the same kind of products as the brands that they use and love.
Lime Crime realized that in order to succeed their brand needed to offer products that no one else did. They new that they had to be bold in all of their choices, and they have given girls an excellent cosmetic option. The bright makeups that they have come up with give girls the chance to switch up their routine makeup, and the items that they offer hold the promise for a fun time.
No brand is going to do well if it starts out trying to imitate other brands, no matter how successful the other brands may be. Instead, when someone wants to come out with a new brand they are going to want to do as Lime Crime did.  And, hopefully, as it did for Lime Crime, it will pay off for them. If not, though, they will not be any worse off than they would have been if they had gone the traditional route.

Real Men Don’t Think About Shoes: Until They Find Paul Evans

Benjamin Earley and Evan Fript are two men that have thought about shoes. They thought about leather shoes so much they were driven to create a shoe company on They created a brand of high quality footwear named, Paul Evans. Earley and Fript were working in the financial industry in New York City. One assumes the players in an industry that is focused on big money, care about their appearance. Earley, and Fript began to notice the players did care about their appearance, except, when it came to their footwear. Where many people would shrug, consider the situation a shame, and continue with their day; our two heroes saw an opportunity. What seemed obvious to the pair of budding entrepreneurs was the prohibitive cost of luxury men’s shoes. Although wonderful to look at, and even more wonderful to wear, they were really expensive. The high cost discouraged many men from buying luxury shoes.

The first step in building a more affordable luxury shoe sent the Paul Evans founders to Italy, Once there they began to search high and low, in every tower, under every rock, and in some cases other countries. Their quest was to find the finest material, and most talented craftsman. Their search eventually brought them to Naples. Here they met, and began working with, a family of shoemakers who were a perfect match to their needs. The experience of this family, earned over the course of generations, has transformed these men into true artists.

They created the Paul Evans web site, bypassing the more traditional bricks and mortar retail structure, and sold directly to the customer. This significantly reduced the costs associated with selling luxury footwear, and allowed the company to sell their products for much less than their competitors. Men, it’s okay to think about shoes.

Mixing Two Great Things


Joseph Bismark believes that his spirituality should be guiding him each day as he is working in the business world. He believes in mixing those two great things and allowing the one to be a part of the other. Joseph Bismark lived as a monk while he was just a child, and the experiences that he lived through then have affected who he has become. The life that he lived as a monk has changed just who he is today. He is a great example of just how the business world and the spiritual world can be mixed with good results.

When Joseph Bismark goes to work each day he takes his spiritual side with him and he allows it to affect the way that he works. This has brought about great success for him. Joseph Bismark is not afraid to have others find out that he possesses a spiritual side. He is not about to hide that part of him. He knows that he needs to stay true to his spiritual side, and he knows that that side of who he is can help him to be a success in other areas.

Those who seek the guidance that Joseph Bismark has to offer see that spirituality can help to lead to success for those who are a part of the business world. Leaders who are looking to live in the way that is best will find that Joseph Bismark is a good example of just what spirituality can do for them and for the job that they have as a business leader.

A Brief Overview Of Investing

A new investor would do well to look at some of the seasoned leaders in the investment realm. One particularly successful man is Brad Reifler. He began his 30 year career with a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science. In 1982 he founded Reifler Trading Corporation which specialized in global derivatives. Perhaps his biggest success was founding Pali Capital where he guided the company to over $200 million in profits during his 13 years as CEO of the company. Reifler is currently the CEO of Forefront Advisory and Forefront Capital Management.

Investing is the act of seeking profit by putting your money to work for you. There are risks and rewards associated with investing, but more and more people are taking the risks because it is quickly becoming necessary. An employee’s income is limited to the hours that he is able to work or the salary that he earns. And the days when an American could count on social security or a pension for retirement are quickly slipping into the past.

The investor is reimbursed with interest after a set period of time. Purchasing stocks in a company effectively makes the shareholder part owner of the company. The issuing company pays dividends every so often. Mutual funds are group investments usually consisting of stocks and bonds. There are other alternative types of investing which are beyond the scope of this article.