Lime Crime Color Fun

Lime Crime is a make-up company based in Los Angeles, California. Founded by Doe Deere, the company offers a wide range of bright color options for each type of make-up sold there. All the make-up is cruelty free (meaning not tested on animals), and each color has a unique, vegan formula for the best and kindest make-up.

With a funky website, Lime Crime on certainly makes a statement. The background is sky blue with clouds, as if to encourage day dreams and dreams in general. The title bar is a subdued cotton candy pink (if such a thing even exists) that fades to orange as the bar progresses left.

This company offers the basic make-up everyone thinks of: eye shadow, lipstick, lip gloss, etc. With creative names (such as unicorn lipstick), the brand sticks out on any shelf or website that sells multiple brands. Even the color names (sentrifushia, chinchilla, etc.) are funky and little out there, offering a memorable color that will be easier to locate. Every friend will be asking where the colors came from. For anyone who likes the appeal of darker colors, Lime Crime also has darker colors. \

The style could be described as scene (emo, but with color) and goth. For a better terminology, it could also be described as peppy goth.

As is usual these days, Lime Crime offers a line of nail polish as well. The same goes for the names of the colors. How about some lavendairy to go with the milky ways? However cheesy the naming could be, the colors still stand out on the shelf and the website.

For anyone who has struggled with loose glitter application, Lime Crime has a glitter helper.

No matter what kind of make up is wanted, Lime Crime has some of the most out there colors to really help make a statement.

Any Man Can Get Lucky With Online Dating In Russia

The world of dating is very different than he used to be, but it’s much better also. Dating can be done online these days, and most people prefer to date online. Online dating is popular because it can help two people from completely different places to have an online venue to talk to each other. Not only does online dating brings two worlds closer together, it can help two people to get to know each other a lot better. One of the best places for online dating, especially for those who are looking for Russian women, is the AnastasiaDate website.

AnastasiaDate started over almost 20 years ago with the vision of helping to connect foreign women to American men. Although the mission is still the same, things have changed over the years. AnastasiaDate ( is now a very popular website, and it’s the number one website for international dating. Men who are looking for women in Russia, they flock to the AnastasiaDate website and rightfully so. The website has millions of users, and there are thousands of women available on the website at any given time. AnastasiaDate categorizes the different women on the website, so any man looking for a woman can find the right one.

Since it’s understandable that men have preferences, the Anastasia Date website has different categories to help a men find the right women. Once the man creates a profile on AnastasiaDate website, he’s free to roam around the website to see what he can find. Searching the website is the best way to get to know more about it, and searching the site helps one to learn about the different women that the website has to offer.

If the man finds a woman that he’s truly interested in, he can pick one of the many ways that AnastasiaDate allows its patrons to contact each other. If the man prefers to contact the lady through a letter, he can do so. If he prefers to chat through the website, then he can do this also. Video chat is also available on AnastasiaDate as well as the AnastasiaDate phone. The AnastasiaDate phone may be the most reliable way to contact a lady, but it’s completely up to the man which form of communication he chooses to use.

AnastasiaDate uses points, which are charged based on a sliding scale. The points can be used to purchase talk time or communication methods on the website. Depending on the form of communication a user wants, it may cost more or less points. The points are very reasonably priced, and they can easily help any man to communicate with the woman that he has chosen. The man is not limited to one woman, especially if he sees several women on the website that he’s interested in talking to. AnastasiaDate offers many dating options, so join the website now.

Doe Deere’s Inspiration, Mission, and Success

As the market of both cosmetics and online shopping continue to dramatically rise, empowered women such as Doe Deere are taking their dreams and making them come true. Both the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics, Doe Deere on ideamensch has committed her work towards creating unique, bright, and girly cosmetics, while continuing to always stay true to herself. In fact, the name Lime Crime originates from her favorite hue. With a love for fashion and vivid colors, Doe Deere became inspired to design clothes that were not easily found; this inspiration spread towards her love for cosmetics. Deere admits in an interview posted at that a book by Donald Trump titled, “Think Big & Kick Ass” was truly eye opening for her, giving her the confidence to take action and let her ideas come to life.
Doe Deere comments that this struggle was devastating, and that regaining the trust of her valued customers was vital. Although this issue was unfortunate, it also gave Deere the motivation that if her company could survive a security breach, it could survive anything.
With high optimism, Doe Deere continues to love and appreciate her staff and customers. This adoration is what keeps Doe Deere and her company strong and successful. Not only does Deere have an intense love for people, but animals as well. Doe Deere has stayed true to herself by being firm that her products are free from animal cruelty. Also, Deere makes charitable actions by donating towards pet shelters and being a loving pet owner herself. With her respect, loyalty, and motivation, Doe Deere has a strong future ahead for both herself and Lime Crime Cosmetics.
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Editing Wikipedia Business Pages

Wikipedia is one of the most popular encyclopedia sites on the Internet, and allows individuals to add articles, financial and business information, biographies, and other information across various categories and subject matters. According to a  visit Wikipedia not only for general information, but also for to obtain financial data, researching business information, and need current, up to date information. As such, visitors to the site may edit unprotected articles at their discretion, adding financial data, business tables and other information. This keeps Wikipedia information current, and objective.

Not all pages can be modified. Some pages, with sensitive financial information, or whose creator wants to indicate who may edit pages, may have identified only certain individuals, or accounts who may edit pages. Those that are unprotected may be edited by anyone. There is no need for individuals to register in order to edit unprotected pages.

One is the Visual Editor, and the other is wiki markup. The most common form is wiki markup editing. To edit click the click the edit tab. It’s also possible simply to do a section level edit. Section level edits allow for only editing a portion of the text, or correcting discrepancies, while leaving the rest alone.

Wiki markup formats the texts, and also allows individuals to add pictures and tables. To add a picture simply click on the insert button on the tool bar, or for a table, the table button and format the type of table. References should be added to all information added so that Wikipedia and users to the site can easily obtain verification of the information.

To add business resources being added click the cite tab on the toolbar and it will bring tabs to choose from on the toolbar. Click on templates, and select the type of business resource being cited from the template list. Fill in the information, preview, and click insert.

There are two different types of edits on Wikipedia, minor edits, and major edits. Minor edits can only be accomplished by registers users, and major edits can be done by anyone, though when meaning changes meaning edits are subject to a Wikipedia review. Editing pages is fairly easy, and straightforward, and allows those visiting the site to obtain current, useful information.

The Exciting Field of Visual Search Technology

Human beings tend to rely most on our sense of sight. Much of the information that we take inside and use is visual information. People will often tend to respond more quickly to images than to other kinds of information that is conveyed via other senses such as hearing or taste. In today’s world, this is especially true. Now more than ever humans have access to an immense treasure trove of visual data. We can examine the world around us in great detail as well as explore other areas of the world that may be thousands of miles from our home base. A savvy company will take advantage of this fact and work with potential clients to help them meet their needs.

Many companies find that it makes sense to work with a specialist in the emerging field of visual search technology. A company that knows exactly how to work with technology that people use in their everyday lives in order to help them find products is one that can assist all those who are looking for the right product to buy. Companies that understand how the new technology works as well as how consumers are presently using it are companies that will do well in the current market.

One such company is Slyce. Slyce understands the field of visual search technology. They understand that today’s consumers are using their smartphones as their basic means of doing all kinds of tasks. They also know that consumers today are more visually driven than ever. While many people still search for items via written terms, many other consumers have realized that searching with visual search technology can be even more helpful. Officials at Slyce have consequently helped to develop all kinds of new ways that companies can use this kind of visual search to connect potential customers with their products.

An understanding of the kind of apps that people find appealing and how people use them is vital in today’s world. Companies today must use all kinds of media to market their products including search engines and marketing campaigns that are subtle and thoughtful. Consumers are also increasingly reliant on the latest technology to meet their needs in more appropriate ways.