Beneful set to Unveil a New Dream Park

Beneful, a popular dog food, has been successfully revamping dog parks since 2010. Every year they visit many different communities of all sizes and help the local charities and pet owners create the perfect dog park. This program is called the Dream Dog Park program, and Beneful is currently celebrating its five year anniversary by assisting other dog park projects with crowdfunding campaigns, hands-on volunteers, a lot of financial support and their own dog park expertise.
Brent Gleckler, the Beneful brand director, expressed his enthusiasm during an interview with MarketWatch. Gleckler explains that any park is a dog’s dream park, but that a little something extra can really add something to the community, “Together, we can create spaces that add value to their communities and celebrate the joy they share with their four legged friends.” To Beneful, the happiness and value of life we share with our pets is something worth investing in. This is why they initially started the Dream Dog Park program, and why they continue to put so much effort into its success.
They will be renewing the turf with something more dog friendly and long lasting, as well as adding tunnels and other playground activities for dogs to enjoy.

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich Is One Of The Best

It takes a lot of talent to do be able to complete something as complicated and detailed as plastic surgeries, and Dr. Rod J. Rohrich has proved his skills in the work that he has done. He has done many plastic surgeries, and he has done them well. He has used his skills to give his patients the plastic surgeries that they wanted. He has been able to do wonderful things for people because of the talents that he has. And, because of his work, he has been recognized as one of thebest plastic surgeons in Dallas, Texas.
Dr. Rod J. Rohrich has the expertise needed to give people good plastic surgeries. He knows what he is doing, and he is someone who his patients can trust. It takes a lot of patience and kindness for a man to be a good doctor, and Dr. Rod J. Rohrich has it all. He has all that needs to be successful, and that is exactly what he is.
And that is what makes Dr. Rod J. Rohrich so great. He has more talent than a lot of other plastic surgeons. He is a plastic surgeon that people will feel good going to. He is one of the best in Dallas, Texas, and he has proved himself time and time again. His talent is taking him far in life as he continues to use it to help people get the kind of plastic surgeries that they want and need.

Zayn Malik Has A Great Fashion Sense

Zayn Malik left One Direction a while ago, and in the last few months, his fans have been reeling from the fact that he left the group. Zayn claimed that he wanted to live a normal life, and he didn’t want to be famous anymore. Zayn Malik’s Fashion. No matter what he does, he’ll still be famous because he came from the group One Direction.

Fans like Daniel Amen agree that Zayn seems to be doing everything that a famous young man would do, instead of a normal one. He wants privacy, but he keeps thrusting himself back into the limelight with the different things that he’s doing. The fact that he made a single recently, it shows that he may be pursuing a solo career, instead of trying to get privacy. Another thing to look at is Zayn’s fashion, which many people tend to wonder about at times. Zayn is a fashionable person, but for someone who wants privacy, will his fashion sense really matter anymore?

You can go through the different pictures on MTV News to see what kind of fashion statements Zayn has made in the past. One thing is for sure, even though he is very handsome, the green color that he just dyed his hair, it isn’t working for him.

Haidar Barbouti Gives Up Restaurant A European Vibe

When Haidar Barbouti started Up Restaurant, he knew that he wanted to do something special. He knew he wanted to make a restaurant that would stand out, that would have something of its own vibe. The restaurant was to be located in the shopping center that Barbouti owns, Highland Village. While a lot of American restaurants in shopping centers are indoors and rather dark, Barbouti had just spent some time traveling in Europe. He decided that it was a good idea to model his restaurant after the European style, which tends to focus more on open-air designs. His vision was to make Up like a lot of the little restaurants that he’d just visited, which he had really enjoyed.

It was perhaps the perfect place to make his dream come true. The restaurant was put on the third floor, so it already had the potential for a great view. He installed huge windows to capitalize on that view, and he put in the open-air patio so that people could sit and gaze out with an unobstructed view. From so high in the air, the overall feeling was terrific, and it created a wonderful atmosphere that was almost as good as the food itself.

The result is a restaurant that does not feel like it is located in a shopping center at all. A lot of times, these types of places have no choice but to feel dark and enclosed because they are at the hearts of massive buildings. There can’t be any real light with walls and stores all around. By staying on the edges of the building and going up to the third floor, this restaurant stays away from all of that, and it feels like the type of high-caliber establishment that could be found anywhere in the world. It is completely unexpected and it’s been very well received because of it.

By making this restaurant, Barbouti proved that people don’t always have to do the same thing over and over again to be successful. Sometimes, it’s better to go out and do something new and different, pushing the envelop. Is there a risk there? Of course there is.

Anastasia Date: Write an Article About This Company

One of the best Russian online dating sites around happens to be Anastasia Date. This is one of the best ways to actually meet single women in Eastern Europe. This dating site has some of the most beautiful Russian and other European women around. People who join this site have actually said nothing but great things about it. There are many features this site has to actually offer. Anastasia Date is definitely authentic as there is nothing fake about this site. Men that are not from the Eastern Europe area are still welcome to join this site as well. North American men are strongly encouraged to register as a user on this site. All in all, Anastasia Date is considered an international dating site, as there are very few sites like this one around.

Anastasia Date has been around since 1993, and has been rapidly expanding and growing ever since. The site also ranks number 29 as one of the world’s most popular dating sites ever. Anastasia Date also offers a mobile app for users to take advantage of. The mobile app is a lot more convenient, and makes dating online a little bit easier.

In order to use the anastasia date site, users must purchase credits. There are different ranges for credits that a registered user can actually purchase. For example, a user has the option to purchase 20 credits for $15.99, and so forth. Prices can even go up as high as $399.99 for 1,000 credits. Even though it may be a bit on the expensive site, compared to other dating sites out there, it is definitely worth it. Men who use anastasia Date will definitely be able to count on finding the woman of their dreams.

Commitment to Pet Nutrition: Beneful

I only feed my dog, Molly, Beneful brand dog food. She is the most important part of my life and I only want to feed her the highest quality food with the best ingredients. Beneful gives her the energy to get up and go for our early morning runs. Her favorite snack is the Baked Delights Stars with chicken and cheese.

The thing I love about Beneful is their commitment to high quality ingredients. Beneful uses real meat and veggies in their food. Their Playful Life blend is perfect for Molly, because it has an excellent blend of beef and eggs to provide muscle building protein. She’s always so playful and energetic, so I knew when shopping for a dog food brand, that Beneful would be perfect for her.

Another great thing about Beneful is the added grains, like oatmeal. Usually, Molly will try to steal the oatmeal out of my bowl when I’m having breakfast. Beneful provides her with her own tasty dose of oatmeal that gives her long lasting energy. The blend of oatmeal and blueberries gives Molly the energy she needs to run with me and chase the pesky squirrels in the back yard. (Twitter)

To keep Molly’s teeth in tip-top condition, she loves the Baked Delights Stars with chicken and cheese. She loves them because they taste good. I love giving them to her because they are great for cleaning her teeth. While feeding Molly Baked Delights Stars, we always get a good teeth report from the dentist. Some days we even supplement our teeth cleaning routine to include Beneful’s Healthy Smile Twists.

Beneful’s focus on the health and wellness of Molly through their stellar line of nutrient balanced dry food, wet food, and treats is the main reason I choose to feed it to her. Beneful’s commitment to pet health and happiness is what keeps me coming back. Molly?

You can find Beneful at almost all retailers, but you can check them out at Petco and Amazon for great deals!